Using branching Videos to help learners facilitate escalation or de-escalation of a conflict – Partners4
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Using branching Videos to help learners facilitate escalation or de-escalation of a conflict

The online course Conflict Diagnostic and Interventions was designed to help leaders and managers understand the dynamics of conflict. To facilitate effective learning, the course is structured in a way that follows a logical sequence of: listen, apply, and transfer. It starts with mini-lectures to provide information on relevant conflict dynamics that help learners understand how to diagnose and assess conflicts. In Module 2, learners delve into application methods by using branching videos to determine the course of action in this conflict. Finally, learners utilize the available tools and checklists to diagnose and assess conflict in organizations and to identify interventions for successful conflict management.

Drawing on insights from instructional design, we used a highly interactive course design to engage learners’ interest and motivation to complete the course. I designed a branching video that allows the learner to step into the role of a team leader. In this role, the learner is facing a difficult situation that gradually escalates in 7 stages. Learners are presented with a set of choices that have the potential to escalate or de-escalate the conflict. The learner receives immediate feedback after each choice is made and additional mini-lectures that provide the background to explain the feedback.

Having diagnosed a virtual conflict, the learner completes the course with checklists and tools about possible interventions that help transfer the knowledge gained into his or her work setting.

The course is currently available in German only. If you want to learn more about course conflict resolution, click here: Die Kunst, Konflikteskalationen professionell zu meistern