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E – learning course on intercultural competence and diversity management

Case study on the development of a digital learning product for 350 leaders in public administration. An environment which had previously mostly learned through classroom training was introduced to e learning in the topic intercultural competence and diversity management that allows flexible and engaging learning.

The challenge was to develop an online course for a target group with limited time for individual learning and at the same time make the content feel as close to their reality as possible. Another goal was to enable learners to track and evaluate their learning progress.

Together with internal experts from a wide range of subject-related areas an approach to design goals and the structure of the course was developed. Next, the content and storyboards were gathered for digitalization, while interviews with internal experts were conducted and videotaped. The videos form part of the online course and hold important content for the learner. The following step included videotaping the presentation of additional content. Hence, a variety of digital tools was used to help build learners’ knowledge. Finally, quizzes and simulations were created to track and evaluate the learning process. This prototype will be tested on a small group of learners and after a successful trial, it will be launched in June 2020.

A lasting impression:

The e-learning offer was integrated into the organization’s internal Moodle platform. Participants have unlimited access to the digital learning product, which gives them flexibility and the possibility to complete the course in their own time. The successful completion of the course is shown in individual “education records.”

Our Service:

Our experts support the implementation of digital learning technologies that allow employees to gain knowledge in an appealing way. Our range of services includes consulting on the technical solutions, design, production and evaluation of online courses, all the way to the facilitation of virtual classrooms.