HRD consists of the design and application of learning interventions, and training educators in their implementation with the goal to strengthen leadership competencies. I use an experiential learning approach and utilize digital learning tools and methods.
Context and Questions of HRD:
  • How can we design training activities for immediate acquisition of conceptual knowledge?
  • What interventions can be taken to build emotional intelligence within staff?
  • How can we utilize key knowledge holders and professionals as internal trainers?

OD is a process for structural and cultural development of an organisation. My approach is based on collecting data, insights, and aspirations for meaningful change.
Context and Questions on OD:
  • How suitable is our current structure and culture to address challenges ahead of us?
  • What change measures do we need to take to be a competitive agent in the future?
  • What principles shall guide our behavior?

AOR consists of quantitative and qualitative data collection and interpretation for finding answers to organisational issues.
Questions that can be answered through AOR:
  • What are influential behavioural patterns in our customers’ experience and how would we need to change them to bring this experience to the next level?
  • What is our guiding set of values and how can we utilize values in developing a values-based culture?
  • What is the competence and maturity profile of our employees and how is this profile reflected in our description of functions?

WIP involves learning about dynamics that sabotage female power. My approach in WIP is for women to understand social-psychological dynamics and other influencing factors, and identify strategies to successfully deal with them.
Context and Questions on WIP:
  • What social-psychological phenomena influence female agency and power?
  • What are intrapersonal barriers and scripts that sabotage my power?
  • What are enablers to become successful in the leadership labyrinth and how can I become more influential in the systems where I am operating?
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Monday, August 30, 2021

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Women in Power is a course from the Smart Learning Academy in collaboration with Partners4.

CM is the intentional usage of tools and processes to achieve meaningful change. My approach is grounded in systematic planning and design for change and inclusion of people who are influenced by it.
Context and Questions on CM:
  • How can we achieve transformation and implement changes in our organisation?
  • What are communication strategies and measures in change processes?
  • What actors need to be included in implementing change?

Coaching is facilitating the process to define developmental goals and find solutions to achieve those goals. Depending on the specific goal, coaching builds on the following theoretical approaches:

  • Person-centered approach in coaching (according to C. Rogers)
  • Cognitive behavioral coaching (according to Costa & Garmston)
  • Gestalt-Therapy (according to K. Lewin)
  • Ontological coaching (according to Maturana & Heidegger)
  • Values coaching (according to Bristol & Frankl). More information:
Contexts and Questions on Coaching:
  • Performance coaching to improve performance and competence
  • Executive coaching to increase agency in leadership and management
  • Career coaching to identify potential and support career decision-making
  • Cross-cultural coaching to improve performance and agency in cross-cultural and intercultural work environments
  • Conflict resolution to restore trust that is needed for collaboration, or to develop alternative options for de-escalation.

My services in digital learning include design, content development and digital implementation of educational interventions. My focus areas in designing digital learning interventions are in the field of intercultural competence and emotional intelligence.
Context and Questions on CR:
  • What are digitally-enabled approaches to learning design and delivery?
  • How can digital implementation of a specific topic look like?
  • What are quality measures in digital learning?

Teambuilding is a systematic process to achieve team excellence. My approach in TB is based on the dynamics that arise from invisible factors (intersectionality) and to learn how to work with them.
Context and Questions on TB:
  • What is our meaning of team excellence and how can we achieve it?
  • How can we deal with dynamics that are related to groupthink, overdependence on a dominant leader, or diffusion of responsibility?
  • How can we foster a supportive climate to achieve complex tasks?



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