Coaching – content

Coaching is facilitating the process to define developmental goals and find solutions to achieve those goals. Depending on the specific goal, coaching builds on the following theoretical approaches:

  • Person-centered approach in coaching (according to C. Rogers)
  • Cognitive behavioral coaching (according to Costa & Garmston)
  • Gestalt-Therapy (according to K. Lewin)
  • Ontological coaching (according to Maturana & Heidegger)
  • Values coaching (according to Bristol & Frankl). More information:
Contexts and Questions on Coaching:
  • Performance coaching to improve performance and competence
  • Executive coaching to increase agency in leadership and management
  • Career coaching to identify potential and support career decision-making
  • Cross-cultural coaching to improve performance and agency in cross-cultural and intercultural work environments
  • Conflict resolution to restore trust that is needed for collaboration, or to develop alternative options for de-escalation.